Flood your scrap book

This is a kinda revenge scrap .If somebody is not scrapping for you for a long time ,then take revenge with them by flooding their scrap or amaze your friends with a 10000 scrap for you .This is a nice fancy technique in scrapping but should be used with caution because when you copy this code your scraps will start automatically in a rapid speed .So stop them before the system goes mad by scrapping .

Always look for new ideas in scrapping and impliment it in your scrap .

Scrap book is a nice way to present yourself infront of others .So Use it wisely ,otherwisw your friends will get a different picture of you and may do some harm to you.

Follow the steps:

1) Open your scrapbook.
2) Write anything in the scrapbook. Do NOT click Submit.
3) Copy the following text and paste it in your address bar (To the place where you type www.orkut.com )

4) Hit ENTER key of your keyboard.